Welcome to a brief introduction of the collections 3 FOR EVIGT.

As we know inspiration comes from many places and despite the fact that Danish design has become somewhat of a trademark, we have also borrowed inspiration from elsewhere, especially from the east. 3 FOR EVIGT celebrates the fusion of East meet West and wishes to build a bridge between our different cultures in

the world by celebrating what we see as talented design.

3 FOR EVIGT produce and sell primarily Danish design, besides our experienced inhouse designer we also invite and embracing designers all over the world designing products especially for 3 FOR EVIGT. We are happy to introduce our co-designer of this season: Kamille Carolina Østergaard from Izabel Camille Jewelry(Denmark), with the three upcoming designers Chen Hong (China), Ginna Garcia (Colombia) and Gediminas Gaubas (Lithuania), 

we are proud to say that with ’Embrace yourself, embrace the world´,

we have a collection of different series that have something for your taste.

Artistic DESIGNER Collection

Allan Scharff  with a more than 50 year long career, combines his many skills a classic silversmith,

artist and designer. Allan's work is functional, aesthetic and often with a touch of humour.

His recognisable design are shapes with as few lines as possible,fluted lines tell stories by

reflecting light and shadows - often with surprising balance and asymmetric solutions.

The ambition with every single piece designed and crafted by Schaff is to create a small moment of

delight and fun for people everywhere the pieces are being used.
Allan strongly believe in 3 FOR EVIGT vision, and every season he will design

a collection specially for 3 FOR EVIGT.

The Logo and Brand name

3 FOR EVIGT,  as we see  in the logo icon, use a  three  direction sign, making a circle of being  free, independent and confident, to express the concept of forever. It interprets the harmony and balance of life from a modern point of view, implying the development and change of different stages of life.  Each stage has it’s up’s and down’s, but all is part of the concept of growing, we celebrate the road to Happiness. Allan Scharff  handmade a gorgeous silver “3 FOR EVIGT” logo icon and  now this master-piece sit’s in SheKou, ShenZhen  the flagship store of 3 FOR EVIGT in China.


Our vision is to embrace and combine the beauty of both Nordic and Chinese design and culture.  The fusion of cultures will create a new expression. With that we wish to tell a new story through our jewelry, to make people feel FREE, CONFIDENT and INDEPENDENT



Our mission is to see our brand grow and to introduce new and interesting collaborations, as we develop. Standing up for good quality, functional and good design with global diffusion, we offer sustainable jewelry being good value for money, and wishing that people all over the world will embrace us and embrace the world.


3 FOR EVIGT story

3 FOR EVIGT started as a joint venture between Martin Larsen, with more than 20 years of experience in the fashion retail industry and Fu JianFeng, with 15 years experience in helping brands and retail chains all over the world develop products, manufactured in China. With an enthusiasm for the fashion jewelry industry, and long time of thinking of how they could make a better contribution to the industry, these two experts decided in 2016 to start their own brand. After years of down-to-earth testing, the brand has now taken shape, 3 FOR EVIGT wish to offer good value for money jewelry, which has a positive spirit about them, hoping to make people feel


On December 2016, the first 3 for Evigt shop opened in ShenZhen, China, and up till now, 3 FOR EVIGT has opened 14 stores in China. We are now fully ready for our next step, expanding with a network of  distributors throughout Europe and the rest of the world based on our headquarter in Denmark, which also hosts a showroom which is based on the stores layout with furniture designed by the Danish Architect firm Verov Architect & Design.

The opening of our flagshipstore in Denmark is also under planning.

The main core of the concept is designed and created by experienced designers, as well as upcoming talents. 

The products are made in stainless steel, 925 silver, brass, and high standard selected rhinestone, CZ stone, semi-precious stones, pearls, different cords, PU materials and others, and all materials comply with international standards in the industry. Detailed craftmanship, high quality plating, strict quality control procedures etc.

We also understand the importance of environmental friendly and sustainability in our industry,

and now we’re strive for continually improving and our packaging are also made from sustainable materials.